Hungary: BioTalentum, Ltd. Gödöllő

15. 12. 2021

BioTalentum Ltd is a research SME and technology provider in Central & Eastern Europe, working mostly on stem cell research and services, with a branch on H2020 project management and trainings. Scientific focus of BioTalentum is on medical and animal biotechnologies, recently specialized on stem cell research. The company’s mission is research and development of novel human cellular systems and animal models for biomedical research and drug testing, and to provide technical services for research teams and pharmaceutical industry. The expertise, tools and technologies of the BioTalentum support the work of academic and pharmaceutical partners to advance stem cell and regenerative medicine-based research and drug discovery in order to bring new and better medicines to the market. As a biotech company involved in the number of EU projects, BioTalentum complements other academic partners.