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We would like to combine the available career opportunities in Regenerative medicine within the Visegrad countries and Ukraine. The current page displays the job and fellowship positions provided by V4RM network partners. If you are the partner of V4RM network and would like to announce the available position(s) for research or study, internships or fellowships and positions, please contact or 


Currently we are posting the job opportunities for researchers from Ukraine 



PhD position – Blood cell preservation, HEMOFORCE, Hannover, Germany

PhD position – Blood cell preservation

In vitro production of erythrocytes and thrombocytes (blood pharming) including preservation of blood
products by cryopreservation and lyophilization (HEMOFORCE).
We seek PhD students to participate in a large project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Defence, which will start June 2022. The aim of the project is to develop cryopreservation and freeze-drying methods for red blood cells and platelets. The project will be performed in the biostabilization group of Wim Wolkers, located in the Lower Saxony Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Implant Research and Development (NIFE), University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover, in close collaboration with the Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Transplant Engineering, Hannover Medical School (Rainer Blasczyk and Constanca Figueiredo). Red blood cells and platelets obtained from donated blood (or produced in vitro) can be cryopreserved to ensure off-the-shelf availability for transfusion. Cryopreservation, however, is expensive, space- and energy-consuming, since it requires special freezing systems during storage and transport. An alternative could be lyophilization, i.e., freeze-drying, of the red blood cells and platelets. In the dried state, the cells could be stored for long periods of time under uncomplicated conditions, namely at room temperature, and easily transported. The first aim is to develop alternative cryopreservation methods for blood cells using cryoprotective agents that allow frozen storage at relatively high subzero temperatures and can also stabilize cells during freeze-drying. The project includes cryopreservation and freeze-drying studies with red blood cells and platelets and corroborating spectroscopic studies and thermal analysis. Cryobiological cell parameters and physical properties of protective formulations will be determined to rationally design and optimize cryopreservation and freeze-drying procedures for blood cells.

We are looking for candidates who hold a university/master degree in biology, biophysics, biomedical engineering or a related discipline. The candidate should enjoy working in an interdisciplinary laboratory environment, and able to work independently as well as part of a team. We offer an inspiring scientific environment, participation in a graduate school program and other cooperation projects. Compensation payment is based on salary group 13 TV-L (65%). Severely disabled applicants will be given priority if they are equally qualified. The University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover wants to promote the professional equality of women and men in particular. It therefore strives to increase the gender that is underrepresented in the respective area.
For questions and sending applications (by e-mail; containing a letter of motivation, resume, and description of scientific experiences -preferably as one pdf-document-) please contact:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Willem F. Wolkers
Lower Saxony Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Implant Research and Development (NIFE) and Unit
for Reproductive Medicine, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover,
Bünteweg 15, 30559 Hannover, Germany
Application deadline: 30.04.2022.



Contipro a.s. , Czech Republic

We would like to offer a position to early-stage researcher/research assistant in the cell physiology department of Contipro a.s. company, in Dolní Dobrouč, Czechia. The company is one of the world’s leaders in producing hyaluronic acid and related natural polymers for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The position is related to basic and applied research in stem cell biology, namely long-term storage of stem cells via cryopreservation methods, thus we are looking for someone with cryobiology experience.

Our research in this field is focused on the application of stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine, the influence of hyaluronic acid on regeneration processes, and the development of innovative products based on naturally occurring polymers together with stem cells.  

We offer the work in the state of art equipped cell- and molecular- biology laboratories and tight cooperation with experts in the fields of clinical applications, biomaterials, chemical synthesis, and analysis. We are also cooperating with external research institutes and support scientific development via participation at conferences, workshops. The company has a strong publication impact.


What do we require?

  • At least MSc in biological sciences (Molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, medicine, and related fields)
  • Excellent orientation in the scientific literature
  • Knowledge of English (minimal level B1)
  • Good knowledge of PC work with MS Office programs
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Responsibility, independence, thoroughness
  • Interest in solving complex and multidisciplinary tasks

What do we offer?

  • Support of personal development and education
  • Flexible working hours with the ability to maximize harmonization of work and personal activities
  • Foreign business trips
  • One week of extra holidays after one year (overall 5 weeks)
  • Background of a stable company with a tradition of more than 25 years in world markets
  • Subsidized catering inside the company
  • Financial contributions for children's recreation
  • Discount on company products
  • Interest-free housing loans
  • Assistance in obtaining accommodation and loans for the purchase of own housing


Tomáš Prát
211 – Cell physiology

Phone: +420 465 519 586

Contipro a.s. 
561 02 Dolní Dobrouč 401, Czech republic



LBI for Traumatology, Vienna, Austria

We are able to offer several fully paid positions for 1 year for ukrainian scientists (phd, post-doc, even junior prof, potentially also TAs) who were able to escape.

2 phd positions we can offer immediately in the setting of traumatology and regenerative medicine, specifically in the field of MSCs / extracellular vesicles.

 In addition we will be able to host another couple of all career stages via the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), but there only in conjunction with these 4 running projects, for which we would write an amendement:

  • Eliminating senescent cells by senolytics for improving bone regeneration (PI Grillari)
  • Vascularized human skin equivalents as 3D organoid models in skin biology and wound healing (PI Mikolaj Ogrodnik)
  • Influence of anaesthesia on compartment syndrome (PI Fritsch and Johannes Zipperle)
  • Treating chronic sepsis (PI Marcin Osuchowski)

 This is the link to FWF:


Johannes Grillari, PhD,

Assoc. Professor, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Muthgasse 18, A-1190 Vienna Austria